SWIR Vision Camera

Infrared cameras are very popular because of their versatility. They work well in a wide variety of applications, and they provide a great deal of value to organizations. They are widely used by fire departments, wildlife authorities, law enforcement, and even private individuals for a variety of reasons.

Machine Vision Imaging

These cameras work with infrared light. Infrared light is just another term for the Visible Light Mitigation System. The human eye cannot distinguish between infrared light and visible light, so the camera must have an infrared filter built in to it to reduce or remove infrared light. These filters work by reducing or removing all colors of visible light, which is useful for filtering out unwanted sources of light that could damage or kill a human eye. In addition, the human eye has a very short range, typically about 200 feet, so infrared cameras must be mounted very near to a human eye to be effective.

SWIR Device

A machine vision camera system uses a wave infrared device in a thermal imaging application. This device “see” invisible infrared heat waves, rather than light. While visible light cannot pass through the infrared wave, it’s still possible to capture infrared images through a thermal imaging camera. These types of cameras are often used in high-visibility uniforms for security purposes, or as an added eyesight to vehicles, in large building projects, and for monitoring government facilities, airports, etc.